Our story

“Missionaries are pretty good at heeding the call to go but not so good at knowing when to leave.”

“We’re not the best people for this job; our students are.”

An idea crept up on us as we considered these two axioms and the demographics of health care provision and gospel witness in rural Africa: what if part of what we did today to serve the needs of our communities created the means by which others could serve them tomorrow? We must train national physicians, yes, but who will employ them when they graduate?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has found that supplying clinicians to rural or remote areas requires (1) recruiting students from those regions and (2) training them in place. How could we remove the obstacles that keep teachers & professors from living and teaching outside the capital?

The African Medical Education Fund is not the only answer to those questions but the time had come for an endowment that could stably and sustainably fund national clinician-educators to remain in difficult settings. So a pair of brothers and a group of friends from different walks of life joined forces in 2015 to found the AME Fund.

We plan, pray, and invest together. We’re not hedge fund managers or trust fund heirs - just people passionate about seeing Christian doctors equipped and supported in doing some of the most essential (& rewarding) work in the world today. Since inception we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for med student and resident scholarships, all while creating the fund that can subsidize their salaries for decades to come as they treat and train others in rural Africa.

Medical educators — from, for, in Africa