The African Medical Education Fund started in 2015 with a simple premise: build an endowment that would support local clinical educators to work and teach in rural or remote areas of Africa.



Stability means that an African medical educator can expect her funding support to be there month-to-month, year-to-year. In many contexts, especially rural and remote contexts, that is not a guarantee.

Sustainability means that a Fund endowed clinical professor can focus on his patients and students rather than worrying about raising support every year or two.

The Board has set the following as priority goals for the AME Fund:

01. Rise up

activate the community of donors via events and opportunities to help train the next generation of African medical educators

02. move out

strategically invest in short-term and long-term projects to create human and capital capacity to support people for the length of their career

03. shine through

innovate and operate the Fund for minimum overhead and maximum transmission of donor funds to critical needs

04. glorify

pursue & abide by the highest standards of Christian ethics in accounting, recruiting, investing, & collaborating with trusted partners